Wheelchairs, Seating and Positioning

Wheelchairs & Scooters

Power Wheelchairs, Manual Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters

We provide a wide variety of configurations suited to individual needs. Smarter drive controls, better seating systems that can memorize the way you want to sit, and Bluetooth integration for compatible devices are our capabilities and expertise. Our experts and technicians will evaluate your medical needs and custom configuration so you can get back out there.

Wheelchairs & Scooters

Alternating Pressure Cushions, Air Cushions, Gel Cushions, Back Supports and much more!

Seating and Positioning is very important for individuals limited in mobility in order to maintain postural support, balance and prevent and treat potential pressure sores. From alternating pressure cushions, air cushions, gel cushions and custom support, we provide trusted brands as well as services through our expert to make sure that your medical needs meet comfort and quality of sitting.