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Our experts customize mobility solutions for your medical needs

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Our team with 100+ years of combined experience will help you every step of the way. Our technical team and experienced ATPs take into consideration for your medical needs. Our customizations are not just limited to medical care! We can help with complex setups such as:

- Specialty alternative drive controls

- Sophisticated seating configurations

- Aesthetics & Custom color designs


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Enabling Mobility Through Customized Experience

For the active user who loves to get outdoors, recreational power wheelchairs have the capability to take you where normal powerchairs can't. With stronger motors, larger tires, and LED lights that slice through the night, these chairs are ready for your next adventure! RAMS also carries accessories like adaptive rifle and fishing mounts for the avid outdoorsman, and a fabrication team ready to adapt the chair to your needs. Like all complex power wheelchairs, these are completely configurable to suit the size, shape, ability, and needs of the user.

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