Our Story

Rehab and Mobility was founded with a desire to provide help and customized products beyond what other DME companies provide. Having worked for several other providers in the past, our owners wanted to go further for people, and provide as much of a customized mobility solution as they could. The end goal being to provide as normal a life as possible for those with ongoing disabilities.

Michigan's no-fault auto insurance environment made this a unique opportunity, as things essential to maintaining a lifestyle can be covered, enabling us to craft solutions like hunting rigs, off-road wheelchairs, computer mounts and controls, and more for our clients.

We now offer a wide assortment of medical equipment and home care products, including power and manual wheelchairs, alternative drive systems, long-term care beds, folding-frame wheelchairs, wound care supplies, circulation aids, therapy surfaces, and much more.

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Point of Contact

RAMS headquarters

11395 N Saginaw Rd #11, Clio, MI 48420

Traverse City Office

 707 Parsons Rd, Traverse City, MI 49686



Phone number

(810) 547-1374


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