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Rehab and Mobility Systems was founded with a desire to provide help and customized products beyond what other DME companies provide. Having worked for several other providers in the past, our owners wanted to go further for people, and provide as much of a customized mobility solution as they could. The end goal being to provide as normal a life as possible for those with ongoing disabilities.

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This program is based on and thrives off client empowerment and interaction through directly involving the client and their family with their own plan of care. Giving them choices and options instead of diagnoses and labels. Giving them hope for the future instead of focusing on the glaring hardship. Moving forward we cannot change the past or what may have happened, we can only chose to overcome and keep perspective on our outlook on what lies ahead. Maybe start to focus on the small things that we probably took once for granted.

Rehab and Mobility Systems and the Perspectives program want you to know-
You Are Not Alone On This Journey

Read William Vickers’s Story

It’s amazing to me, sitting back now, taking a moment to think about the last 20 years of my life- the changes, the challenges, and the triumphs. People say stop and enjoy the small things and take nothing for granted, and I discovered firsthand just what that means and how truly important it is.

William Vickers

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